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Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra
Domingo Hindoyan conductor

Roberto Sierra: Symphony No. 6, Sinfonietta for Strings, Fandangos & Two pieces for Orchestra


Musical America
"Hindoyan directs this music as if it’s in his blood, and the sumptuous recording is full of detail. A superb disc".

‘The works included on this album span 25 years of creative activity. While current projects are always my focus, looking back is not something I often do; however, this recording confronted me with compositions representing a good part of my creative life. Most interesting was to notice that, although my music has changed through the years, there are traits common to all these pieces. These are elements that encompass aspects ranging from the expressive to the technical. A penchant for certain types of melodic constructions, harmonies, and orchestration choices is always present in these works. Another common element is the use of idioms that stem out of Afro-Caribbean and, more specifically, from the folk and popular music of Puerto Rico’ Composer, Roberto Sierra.

When introduced to the audience in Liverpool by Domingo Hindoyan, Sierra’s music was greeted with standing ovations. His name may be new to many, but his music is vibrant, appealing, accessible, and extremely well crafted. This album is a wonderful introduction to this important contemporary composer from Latin America

Roberto Sierra

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